Together, let's unleash collective intelligence

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Collective intelligence 1 - Opensquare An organisation’s ability to ask questions and seek answers together.

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The most recent innovations in natural language processing (NLP).

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Surveys re-invented - Opensquare The measure of feelings replaces that of satisfaction.

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Speed 1 - Opensquare An unrivalled speed of execution and results delivery.

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Artificial intelligence 1 - Opensquare enqi, the tool that analyzes the results for you.

Transforming your organisation
through collective intelligence

We are convinced that collective intelligence can help identify and overcome the challenges faced by any organisation

citation intelligence opensquare This collective intelligence is under-utilised. citation exploitation opensquare

Our survey methodology involves employees
to reveal from within any organisation
the best approaches to drive change.

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Since its creation, opensquare has been working in close partnership with Inria, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. Inria which promotes scientific excellence at the service of technology transfer and society. Inria employs 2,700 people from the world’s top universities, who rise to the challenges of computer science, artificial intelligence and mathematics.

Inria inventeurs du monde numérique

Our strategic partnership gave birth to enqi: the first artificial intelligence tool in the world that automatically replicates the work of the analyst, only better. Drawing on the answers to the closed and open questions of employee surveys, it offers managers a clear diagnosis and concrete recommendations to help them act.

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A revolution in the analysis
of surveys

Thanks to the power of enqi, managers receive pre-analysed results, telling a simple story in PowerPoint format, and this only a few days after the end of the survey!

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citation opensquare approche Simplify the entire process citation opensquare simplifier demarche


preparation enquete

... from the preparation of the survey

partage resultats

to sharing results with leadership teams

comite driection

and mobilising your managers

mobilisation managers
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  • A simplified survey process, requiring fewer resources in the company
  • Reports that are both easier to understand and available faster
  • Reports that centralise all information into one document
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  • Pre-analysed reports: more than just numbers, we tell a story
  • Benchmarks that automatically adapt to the geography of each perimeter
  • The only reports to fully merge quantitative and qualitative data
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  • Identify the most relevant lines of action from your front-line staff
  • Thousands of hours saved and a depth of analysis only possible through artificial intelligence
  • A real managerial tool focussed on dialogue and action
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Solution cube 1.3 - Opensquare
  • Hosting of personal data on an internal network not connected to the internet
  • Survey results exclusively processed and hosted in France by our team
  • Expert guidance on the rules and practices regarding data security and confidentiality
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The team

Passionate and complementary

In 2016, the 3 founders of opensquare share the same finding: existing tools do not sufficiently respond to their clients' needs. They decided to join their skills and energy to truly give employees a voice and unleash collective intelligence.

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Olivier has 17 years experience in HR. After ten years in London, he moved to France to launch the employee engagement practice of an American consulting firm and, in 2013, took European responsibility for another consultancy. He developed the engagement programs and accompanied the executive teams of many French and European organisations. He is a graduate of Neoma Business School and Middlesex University.

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Dimitri has a 17-year experience in employee surveys. He began his career working for PSA in charge of their employee surveys. After working for TNS Sofres, he joined one of the global consultancies and in 2015 took the leadership of their survey practice in France. Together with Benoît Sagot, he also founded Verbatim Analysis in 2009. Dimitri is a graduate of ESCP.

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A researcher at Inria, Benoît currently leads the ALMAnaCH laboratory, specialized in the automatic understanding of textual data. He also co-founded with Dimitri Tcherniak the company Verbatim Analysis specialised in the analysis of employee comments in 2009. Benoît is a graduate of École Polytechnique and Télécom ParisTech, and holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from University Paris-Diderot.

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enqi has helped many organisations and proven its worth on a wide variety of projects: engagement surveys l transformation surveys l employee value proposition surveys l pulse surveys l analysis of annual performance reviews l analysis of employee 360 l comments analysis… We are proud to partner with:

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